All the small things

(by Blink 182)

Yesterday I was at FreeFest, which was one heck of an experience.  I had a great time at the festival and it was a wonderful opportunity to photograph so many high profile bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Bravery, Jet, Weezer, and Blink 182.  It was, however, a tough shoot.  

There were about 30 photographers in a very confined pit, making mobility impossible, so you had to hope you were in a lucky spot.  By the time Blink came on, our 2 song set (not the regular 3) was cut down to 1.5, which for my group (they ended up splitting us up), was a curtain drop, an intro, and part of "What's My Age Again."  Translation? 50 frames.  I think I walked away with maybe 5 decent shots.  I left the pit feeling rather defeated.  I take my time at any show seriously and I was disappointed, actually, beyond disappointed.   Anyways, here they are.