Amazing Again

Boston, Copley Square, August 2007(by Matt Nathanson)

Last night I went to see Matt Nathanson open for O.A.R. at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD.  It was kind of a weird experience for two reason: the first being I wasn't shooting the show-- something I haven't done in months, the second is that it was an odd feeling seeing him perform at such a large venue.  I have seen Nathanson six times now, and I must say, I really prefer him in a small club setting.  It's just so much more intimate, and if anyone has seen him in concert, we all know what "intimate" means.  

Regardless of the stage size, he is still phenomenal to watch.  It's really refreshing to see real music performed.  There's no stage gimmicks, well aside from a reading out a trashy romance novel. It's pure music and performance, and that's what I respect most about him.