Rather Be Alive

"Rather Be Dead" by Refused

It's been nearly 15 years since Refused last played live.  On Sunday April 22nd the Swedish hardcore band took to the stage at Terminal 5 to perform in New York City for the very first time.

While I cannot claim to be part of the Refused era (I bought the tickets as a gift for someone else), seeing the show reminded me of why I love music and why I love shooting music.

To see a venue packed to the brim with people who have been waiting over a decade to see their favorite band live is a unique experience.  What made the night even better, was the band genuinely seemed just as excited as the crowd to be there.

Throughout the night, lead singer Dennis Lyxzén expressed his gratitutde and reminded us all of the importance of music, regardless of taste, time, and tempo-- and that Refused would rather be alive.

The performance was so captivating, I returned to Terminal 5 to photograph the second sold-out show. Scope the photos below.