Click Click Click Click

by Bishop Allen

Right before tour I decided to pick up a fun camera for the road, so I got the Fujifilm Instax 210.  It's a great alternative to discontinued traditional Polaroid instant cameras.  Oh, did I mention it looks like a space toy? Anyway, with so much going on, it was hard to take photos daily, but I did capture these shots. Enjoy!

Bus 10Giant... uh.. TX

Pierce The Veil (Charity Bowling Tournament)blessthefall (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Acoustic Basement (Charity Bowling Tournament)Matt Lillard + Fat Kid Movie (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Of Mice & Men (Charity Bowling Tournament)We The Kings (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Bayside (Charity Bowling Tournament)Every Time I Die (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Yellowcard / All Time Low (Charity Bowling Tournament)New Found Glory (Charity Bowling Tournament)West Palm Beach, FLAmanda, Bethany, and IDay Off, San Diego Zoo, Polar BearDay Off, San DiegoDay Off, San DiegoDay Off, San Deigo
Ryan Key, YellowcardYellowcardYellowcardSean Mackin, YellowcardJosh Portman, YellowcardSt. Petersburg CrowdTour Photogs (Adam Elmakias, Me, Matt Vogel, Tom Falcone)Day Off, Vegas, Tour Rookies

The First Single

I can't stand to think about a heart so big it hurts like hell...
by The Format

NYC Soundscape - Acrylic on Canvas

It's becoming very apparent that I become most creative when my heart really aches... If I could sing, I could only imagine the songs I'd write-- instead, I keep my mind and hands busy.  After a few days of emotional turmoil, here's my latest piece, NYC Soundscape.  It's inspired by my love for architecture and music.

Contemplating doing a full city series-- DC, LA, Chicago, Rome, London, etc... we'll see if I have time. 

Stand Too Close

by Motion City Soundtrack

It's becoming quite apparently that after some sort of emotional event, I am my most creative.

I've been working on building a board on Pinterest for decorating my room for the last 8 weeks.  Now that I've decided on wall colors it was time figure out what would go on them.

After a simple Pinterest and Google search of 'Wall Art' I came across photo transfers to wooden blocks that looked pretty cool-- but wood blocks would be difficult to mount.

So I thought about it, and I've been wanting to do something with canvas for a while-- last year I bought 3 large canvas, printed off some large photos and planned on decupaging the images on... but then I realized I could probably do a photo transfer like the wooden blocks on canvas.

This one of Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack with lyrics to their song "Stand Too Close" came out much better than expected! So much so, when I posted the image on Twitter, Justin asked me about a print of it! Crazy.

California Here We Come

"California" by Phantom Planet

Holy cow! I'm headed to Los Angeles this week for work with the Vans Warped Tour.

This is so crazy... The reality of being this year's Monster Energy Pit Reporter hasn't quite sunk in... it still feels surreal.  On the plane, however, I did have a minor freak of "oh my gosh this is really happening!"

Kind of awesome. Kind of nervous. Many photos to come.

Follow my mobile uploads on Instagram-- user: awphotographs.

Will You Be My Valentine?

"Valentine" by The Get Up Kids

(I couldn't resist setting this shot up this morning. Those earrings sparkle!)Okay, maybe at 24 I shouldn't admit that I've never had a real Valentine.

Sure when I was kid, I got Valentines at school, in high school my parents would buy me a card, and through college good guy friends (usually with girlfriends) would give me something nice... but truth be told I never had a true Valentine.

Yesterday, that all changed.

Chocolate, roses, jewerly, and dinner.  Sure it sounds like a clichè Valentine's Day, but for someone who has never received such things, it was absolutely perfect.

Do It Now, Remember It Later

(By Sleeping With Sirens)

It's been a while, but today was no ordinary day... Out of hundreds of applicants, I was chosen to be the official Monster Energy Pit Reporter for the 2012 Vans Warped Tour!  I am so honored and so excited to hit the road next summer and document the experience!

Here's my audition video that caught the Warped Tour team's eye!

and here is my official announcement video from today!


(by We Came As Romans)

One of my dreams as a photographer is to be published in a national publication.  Since I started shooting shows, I've always hoped I'd make it into the pages of one of my favorite music magazines, Alternative Press.  

For the last 3 years I've worked really hard to impress the editors at AP and hopefully land a spot in print.

Well, that day has finally come.  You can check out my shot as a poster in the June 2011 issue of Alternative Press magazine on newsstands now!

Absolutely surreal. 

Worker Bee

(by Motion City Soundtrack)

I'm glad 2010 is over. I just felt like I didn't live at all this past year, and things are going to change for 2011, for sure.

Don't you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone... -Inception


Crazy Train

(by Ozzy Osbourne)

DC was all abuzz this weekend as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert managed to gather an estimate of over 200,000 people on the National Mall for the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear.

The masses flooded the metro systems to see the 3 hour event that included music performances by The Roots, O'Jays, Ozzy Osbourne, and even Kid Rock.

My roommate and I fought our way through the crowd, but once we realized that halfway through the mall, you couldn't really see or hear anything, we headed into the Newseum and watched the event unfold on the massive jumbo-tron... and we even made in appearance on the broadcast in the last 10 minutes! Score!

It's time for a love revolution

"Love Revolution" by Lenny Kravitz

As part of my pseudo 365 project, I took this Adam Bouska inspired NOH8 photo.  Many photographers in the LA area will be offering up free portraits for the NoH8 Campaign.

DC will also be having their annual PRIDE parade tomorrow in Dupont after "Soccer in the Circle." Show your support; love is equal.

I know you'll get me right

"Get Me Right" by Dashboard Confessional.

Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy getting back into the swing of life.  Anyways, back in early December I had the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite bands, Dashboard Confessional, during an intimate acoustic performance at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD.  You can view the gallery here.

Aside from getting to meet the band, have my photo passed signed, score a guitar pick, and see them for the very first time live, there was one moment in the set where lead singer, Chris Carrabba, used me as his example during a story.  I nearly fainted... anyways, after searching YouTube, someone managed to record it. Check it out.


May angels lead you in

("Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World)

So... life has taken a drastic turn of events in the last month.  I'm sharing this photo for two reasons.

1. DC is experiencing the most snow in its history

2. This photo was taken on December 20, 2009 when I was snowed in DC and unable to get up to CT to see my mom.

It reads:

Hi mom, love you! Be home soon! -Amy

I would eventually make it back to CT in time for the holidays, but what I didn't know is that my mother's 13 year battle with breast cancer would come to end shortly thereafter.

I love her and miss her dearly. 

Mess of Me

(by Switchfoot)

In celebration of their new single, "Mess of Me," Switchfoot has sent links to fans via Twitter to share world wide.  I received a message from the band this morning and will be hiding this CD with the mp3 and a folder of my Switchfoot photos in DC tomorrow.  Be on the look out for location via!


(by The Daylights)

I guess everyone who won the All Access showed up. (sad face).  Oh well, I kind of figured that no one in their right mind would pass up an all expenses paid trip to Baltimore.  Anyways, I can't be too bummed over it, I'll still be at Free Fest this weekend and photographing Blink 182 for Alternative Press.  Tomorrow I'm headed to 6 Flags America to catch the MTV VMA tour with All Time Low and The White Tie Affair; 'should be a good time.

Oh, by the way you can check out some amazing photos of today's band, The Daylights, by the talented Steven Taylor.

Sometimes when you lose, you win

(by Karate High School)

I'm hoping this KHS song to be true.  At the end of every summer, the Baltimore-Washington area puts on the Virgin Mobile Fest.  This year, Virgin Mobile has decided to cater to those affect most by the harsh economic times and re-name the event, Free Fest.  Yup, 35,000+ tickets were made free to the public.  The event is featuring Blink 182, Weezer, Taking Back Sunday, The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand, and many more artists. 

There have been many events happening leading up to the big weekend... which happens to be this coming weekend.  One of those included the Kyocera All-Access contest, which would provide 14 lucky winners the opportunity to document the festival, everything from the show set up, band interviews, to the performances themselves.  I applied earlier in the summer with the hopes of being one of the lucky 14.  Last week I survived the first round of applicants and received a phone interview.  I totally blew the phone interview (yes... I realize my phone skills need work.  They're getting better, I promise).  Anyways, I was pretty disheartened when I didn't receive a follow up phone call later in the week.

Tonight, however, I have been informed that I am on the waiting list; a pretty incredible feat since I botched the phone interview, and there were over 2,000 applicants.  So I guess this makes me #15?  I'm hoping it's a lucky number because this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Keep your fingers crossed!

Strung out and feeling brave

("Somewhere Out There" by Our Lady Peace)

Our Lady Peace and Meese were great last night at the 9:30 Club.  It was a little difficult shooting without a proper barricade for a photo pit, but I think I managed some decent shots.  I don't have shots to post at the moment because I just moved to a new apartment and can't find my USB cable for my camera... locating it will be tonight's project, I promise.  Anyways one thing I have been doing a lot this summer has been reading.  One book I really recommend is "Killing Yourself to Live" by one of my favorite writers, Chuck Klosterman.  If you enjoy witty and sarcastic humor, paired with music opinion and history that's 85% true, you'll enjoy this.