Click Click Click Click

by Bishop Allen

Right before tour I decided to pick up a fun camera for the road, so I got the Fujifilm Instax 210.  It's a great alternative to discontinued traditional Polaroid instant cameras.  Oh, did I mention it looks like a space toy? Anyway, with so much going on, it was hard to take photos daily, but I did capture these shots. Enjoy!

Bus 10Giant... uh.. TX

Pierce The Veil (Charity Bowling Tournament)blessthefall (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Acoustic Basement (Charity Bowling Tournament)Matt Lillard + Fat Kid Movie (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Of Mice & Men (Charity Bowling Tournament)We The Kings (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Bayside (Charity Bowling Tournament)Every Time I Die (Charity Bowling Tournament)

Yellowcard / All Time Low (Charity Bowling Tournament)New Found Glory (Charity Bowling Tournament)West Palm Beach, FLAmanda, Bethany, and IDay Off, San Diego Zoo, Polar BearDay Off, San DiegoDay Off, San DiegoDay Off, San Deigo
Ryan Key, YellowcardYellowcardYellowcardSean Mackin, YellowcardJosh Portman, YellowcardSt. Petersburg CrowdTour Photogs (Adam Elmakias, Me, Matt Vogel, Tom Falcone)Day Off, Vegas, Tour Rookies

Always Summer

by Yellowcard

Exactly one year ago from this very day, I was named the 2012 Monster Energy Pit Reporter for the Vans Warped Tour.  

I'll never forget that day, anxiously sitting on my couch with my roommate, continually refreshing to see who was chosen. Just after 1 PM, the post we had all been waiting for finally went live and I learned that I had landed the gig of a lifetime.

I spent seven weeks on the road this past summer, hitting 51 cities across North America while documenting one of the most intense summer music festival tours around.  You can watch all of my ‘Pit Blog’ videos HERE and below you’ll find just a few of my favorite photographs from this unforgettable experience.  

I am truly thankful to all of the wonderful people I met during my trip, especially Kevin Lyman for giving me such an incredible opportunity. The memories packed with laughs, stories, jokes, and of course the seemingly endless footage (hours upon hours of raw video footage, and over 20,000 photographs) will certainly carry a special place in my heart.

I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks, but for now I will leave you with these:

Shirts For A CureJordan Pundik - New Found GloryBert McCracken - The USedJonathan Vigil - The Ghost InsideJacky Vincent - Falling In Reverse Ryan Key - Yellowcard Michael Farr - MusiCaresCharlieAdam Lazzara - Taking Back SundayMatty Mullins - Memphis May FireBeau Bokan - BlessthefallYellowcard

Monumental Holiday

by Dead Sara

So a a few months back I flew out to LA for the first time to shoot the Vans Warped Tour Kick Off Party.  The night included performances by Forever Came Calling, Matt Toka, Dead Sara, Yellowcard, The Used, and Falling In Reverse.

Since I'm leaving for tour this week, I figured it'd be a good time to blog a few of those shots! Enjoy!

Rather Be Alive

"Rather Be Dead" by Refused

It's been nearly 15 years since Refused last played live.  On Sunday April 22nd the Swedish hardcore band took to the stage at Terminal 5 to perform in New York City for the very first time.

While I cannot claim to be part of the Refused era (I bought the tickets as a gift for someone else), seeing the show reminded me of why I love music and why I love shooting music.

To see a venue packed to the brim with people who have been waiting over a decade to see their favorite band live is a unique experience.  What made the night even better, was the band genuinely seemed just as excited as the crowd to be there.

Throughout the night, lead singer Dennis Lyxzén expressed his gratitutde and reminded us all of the importance of music, regardless of taste, time, and tempo-- and that Refused would rather be alive.

The performance was so captivating, I returned to Terminal 5 to photograph the second sold-out show. Scope the photos below.



(by We Came As Romans)

One of my dreams as a photographer is to be published in a national publication.  Since I started shooting shows, I've always hoped I'd make it into the pages of one of my favorite music magazines, Alternative Press.  

For the last 3 years I've worked really hard to impress the editors at AP and hopefully land a spot in print.

Well, that day has finally come.  You can check out my shot as a poster in the June 2011 issue of Alternative Press magazine on newsstands now!

Absolutely surreal. 

Worker Bee

(by Motion City Soundtrack)

I'm glad 2010 is over. I just felt like I didn't live at all this past year, and things are going to change for 2011, for sure.

Don't you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone... -Inception


We're gonna stay 18 forever


"Soco Amaretto Lime" by Brand New.

As you can see, I have been broadening my horizons in the photography world.  I was approached by a coworker a few months ago about doing her younger sister's senior portraits.  I was flattered by the offer and excited to shoot something different.  Here are a few shots of Leanne.

Come pick me up

by Ryan Adams.

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted any updates.  Since I was hired at Outerloop Management, it's been hard to find time to get caught up on photos.  Anyways, I will try to sooner rather than later.  Anyways, one of my good friends from college, Matt, is headed down to Nashville to pursue a career in music and asked if I could do some portraits before he left.  Here are a few frames from that shoot.

It's time for a love revolution

"Love Revolution" by Lenny Kravitz

As part of my pseudo 365 project, I took this Adam Bouska inspired NOH8 photo.  Many photographers in the LA area will be offering up free portraits for the NoH8 Campaign.

DC will also be having their annual PRIDE parade tomorrow in Dupont after "Soccer in the Circle." Show your support; love is equal.

aren't you such a catch

what a prize... ("Over It" by Ok Go)

OK Go returned to the 9:30 Club for a homecoming show for lead singer, guitarist, Damian Kulash.  One of the more fun shows I've shot in a while, thanks to 2 rounds of confetti in the first 3 songs!

For those of you who don't know, I have a little photo essay project going on called Life of My Chucks.  I've started taking picture of punk rock shoes too.

Click here to see the full set.

I know you'll get me right

"Get Me Right" by Dashboard Confessional.

Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy getting back into the swing of life.  Anyways, back in early December I had the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite bands, Dashboard Confessional, during an intimate acoustic performance at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD.  You can view the gallery here.

Aside from getting to meet the band, have my photo passed signed, score a guitar pick, and see them for the very first time live, there was one moment in the set where lead singer, Chris Carrabba, used me as his example during a story.  I nearly fainted... anyways, after searching YouTube, someone managed to record it. Check it out.


May angels lead you in

("Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World)

So... life has taken a drastic turn of events in the last month.  I'm sharing this photo for two reasons.

1. DC is experiencing the most snow in its history

2. This photo was taken on December 20, 2009 when I was snowed in DC and unable to get up to CT to see my mom.

It reads:

Hi mom, love you! Be home soon! -Amy

I would eventually make it back to CT in time for the holidays, but what I didn't know is that my mother's 13 year battle with breast cancer would come to end shortly thereafter.

I love her and miss her dearly. 

Meet Me On the Equinox

by Death Cab For Cutie

I'm trying to figure out who *sparkles* more: Tyson Ritter or Edward Cullen?

I had the pleasure of photographing The All-American Rejects last week and was rather taken back by all of the glitter dawned by lead singer and bassist, Tyson Ritter.

I also happened to catch the next installment of The Twilight Saga, New Moon.  Lead vampire, Edward Cullen, is notorious for sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight. Now I wonder who has more sparkle.

Don't make me choose!